Monday, December 18, 2006

Young Arab Women (not virgins anymore)

Few months ago 3 girls I know got married; all of them are divorced now, which is good! Divorce is much better than a bad marriage.

The three marriages were arranged traditional marriages that happened in no time.

In all three marriages every girl gave up either her studies or her job!

Divorce reasons varied from the couple simply not getting along with each other to mental abuse, sick jealousy and even sexual abuse.

I just don’t get it! How can a girl take the risk of getting married to a stranger? How can she stand the idea of sleeping with a stranger? Why would a girl give up her career or her studies? Why? To become more dependent on someone that cannot be trusted?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Playing with Terabytes :-D

I am working on an ODS project, ETLing millions of records, I just realized that we’ll end up (when going live) ETLing almost 2 Terabytes of data, It feels soo good, for me it is like bungee jumping, no matter how good you are prepared for it, and how safe and calculated it is, it is still an experience that will make you feel raw adrenalin pumping through your veins!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

SSIS DataReader Source Task


If you‘re looking for a way to assign an expression to the SQLCommand property of the DataReader Source task , you can do that from the properties of the Data Flow task that contains the DataReader (Not the DataReader itself)

I wanted to share coz it was painful for me to figure it out!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

This makes me laugh soo much:

Natasha: drop table X.
SQL server: Cannot drop the table ‘X’, because it does not exist or you do not have permission.

Natasha : create table X( x int).
SQL server : There is already an object named ‘X’ in the database.

Natasha : ok sweety, drop table X.
SQL server: Command(s) completed successfully.

Natasha: :-) No matter how stupid you can be sometime, I still love you :-)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Two Jordanian developers having a “Technical” conversation:

Ahmad1: Esmaaa3, fata7et 3al Aazmen, laget el XML file maojuud u faye3, bas mish gabel yisamsem!

Ahmad2: HaDDa hu nafso bikun M6oget3

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

Young Arab Virgin

We talked for only 5 minutes, but it was enough to break my heart !She is 18 years old, out with a guy who looked like he is her boyfriend, she failed in 4 “Tawjihi” exams, and when I asked her about her plans she said :

After I failed in “Tawjihi” I got engaged to my cousin who lives in Sweden, Sweden is a nice country, isn’t it?

It sounded like “I got a good offer in Sweden“!!!!

Well may be It Is a good deal for all three parties, the guy in Sweden dreams of a young Arab virgin! While the guy with her wants to go out with a girl without any serious obligations and SHE wants to get rid of her school problems by getting married.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am using a software called Alcohol to browse folders and files, the old version of it is “Alcohol 52% “ the one I have is “Alcohol 120%”,sometimes I start my work day with Alcohol 120%, it makes me laugh sooo much.

Cheers ;)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Men Are Like Rubber Bands

Girls, this may make you wish you are lesbians, but this is one of the secrets for a successful relationship with your partner.

Guys, Elkom 3en te7ku 3anna Mafaseem?!

Here you go:

Men are like rubber bands. When they pull away, they can stretch only so far before they come springing back. A rubber band is the perfect metaphor to understand the male intimacy cycle. This cycle involves getting close, pulling away, and then getting close again.

Most women are surprised to realize that even when a man loves a woman, periodically he needs to pull away before he can get closer. Men instinctively feel this urge to pull away. It is not a decision or choice. It just happens. It is neither his fault nor her fault. It is a natural cycle.

Women misinterpret a manʹs pulling away because generally a woman pulls away for different reasons. She pulls back when she doesnʹt trust him to understand her feelings, when she has been hurt and is afraid of being hurt again, or when he has done something wrong and disappointed her.

Certainly a man may pull away for the same reasons, but he will also pull away even if she has done nothing wrong. He may love and trust her; and then suddenly he begins to pull away. Like a stretched rubber band, he will distance himself and then come back all on his own.

A man pulls away to fulfill his need for independence or autonomy. When he has fully stretched away, then instantly he will come springing back. When he has fully separated, then suddenly he will feel his need for love and intimacy again. Automatically he will he more motivated to give his love and receive the love he needs. When a man springs back, he picks up the relationship at whatever degree of intimacy it was when he stretched away. He doesnʹt feel any need for a period of getting reacquainted again.

John Gray – Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Work hard PLAY hard
I was shocked when I knew that the law/system in Germany was recently updated to make the maximum legal weekly working hours 40 instead of 35, and not everywhere!

o Germany has one of the highest national incomes in the world
o Germany is known for the quality they provide,everything is tested, the juice, the shampoos, even the toilet is designed in a way that makes you “ANALYZE”, ”detect problems” and be able to “fix”!
o In Germany every employee MUST take one month of vacation every year.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Colgen (9th july 2006): The biggest city in “north rhein westfalen”, it has the second highest dome in Germany, there were people from everywhere who came to watch the final game, the atmosphere was amazing:)

You can't just "Pinkeln" the way you want! you are in GERMANY

Friday, July 07, 2006

What would be your answer to this question:
what places are you interested in the most:
-Holland (Amsterdam)
-France (Disnyland)

My first answer was ya weeelliiiiiiiiiiiii

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Merge Join
There is that great task in BI studio in SQL 2005, I didn’t need to use it before, but when I needed it, Ijat 3al waja3 !
What it does is simply joining two data sets (I think you can join more than two, but I didn’t try it); you choose which one is the left side data set, you choose the type of join and the join keys, all that is perfect:)
But what really broke my heart is that there’s an additional Bonbon:). Look at the picture, there is a SWAP button:), in case you changed your mind and wanted to make the right side data set left and vise versa , oooooooooooooooohhhh isn’t that sweet!
I wonder what my penguin friends think about it :P

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chairs (for a change)
I arrived to the presentation late (as usual), the speaker was a Microsoft speaker, so the number of attendees was more than usual (we don’t have time to waste giving a chance to a not well known speaker who spent so much time to learn something new and share his knowledge with us!).
There weren’t enough chairs, so I stood aside as many guys did, in few minutes they brought us three more chairs, someone sat on one of them and they all started looking at me to sit down, since I am the only girl standing, for some stupid reason I didn’t want to sit down (the only plus of being a girl is having the priority to sit down in situations like this, Well, I don’t want it!)
People kept coming to the session (late better than never), it was an important one! Everyone gets in, looks at the empty chairs, and then at the people standing at the back and the sides of the hall, thinks for few seconds and takes the smart decision ; Not to sit down!, that reminded of the story of "the monkeys in the cage"(if you don’t know it , google it ;-))
The last guy came in, naturally thought the same way others did, but he couldn’t find a place to stand, you think that made him change his mind and sit down?? NO…
He is smarter than that; he stood in the middle of the hall:)
Acting like the monkeys in the cage may be natural, but I don’t think it is natural for a guy (tuuul bi 3arrrrd bi certificates bi experience …) to stand in the middle of the hall preventing at least 3 people (ma3 shuayet mubalaghah) from seeing the slides:)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Monday, March 06, 2006

In my current company I started seriously to value chairs, don't get me wrong I am still the same old communist, nothing symbolic, literally and physically I need a good chair, coz my back hurts!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

There are two types of people, happy people and unhappy people, it is not related to circumstances, it is a personal decision or a desire …

I am happy … because I want to be happy, because small things can make me happy, because I enjoy looking to the bright side.

After having a headache for a day or two I enjoy being healthy so much, I enjoy lights and noise because they don’t cause me pain anymore. Even when the headache comes back again I feel happy because it reminds me how much time I spend feeling good.

I am trying to count the good things in my life and I can’t, they are soooo many, the people who love me, the people who smile when they see me, the number of times “completed successfully ” appeared on my screen –that was a little geeky – .

Suffering is just like cigarettes a bad habit that brings you some kind of stupid pleasure, and when you get used to it, it becomes very difficult to quit.