Thursday, March 29, 2007

KalaKeee33 el shabab

They keep on telling us how silly, moody and inconsistent we are …

Check this out

I got 7/10

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Women’s Day

Today is the International women’s day, it is celebrated in Russia, Eastern Europe and some other countries, all I knew about it is that my mom gets a big bouquet of roses and I get a small one :)

This year I read a little about it, and learned that the 8th of March was marked as “the International Women’s Day” because of the March 8, 1917, strike "for bread and peace" led by Russian women.

Thanks to those worker women we have some of our rights today; unfortunately many women are still not aware of their rights..

So on this day I wish:
· That women will gain more awareness of their rights
· We’ll have less violence against women
· We’ll have less social presser on women
· That women will no longer allow themselves to be dependent
· That the successful women of my beautiful country will shine
· We’ll have less prostitutes and stripers and more scientists
· That women will be able to walk in the streets without experiencing any kind harassment