Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Love Jordan-Childhood Incident

I was in the third grade, the teacher told us that the last class will be a “science” class; I got excited and waited for the last class all day!
The time came, the class started, but she asked us to get out our “Arabic” class books!!! How come, I thought!! I raised my hand and told the teacher that she said it is going to be a “science” class.

Teacher: No I never said so; I said it’s an “Arabic” class

I remembered so clearly what she said and I was so certain! So I told her again:
No you said it is going to be “science”

Teacher: No I said “Arabic”

Me: No you said “Science”

She came close to me, slapped me in the face, and said: I said Arabic!!!

Oh my god, first she lied to me, and then she insists that I am lying or crazy!! And on the top of it all she slaps me in the face!!

I told my dad about what happened, and he came to school, the teacher denied most of the story and said that she didn’t slap me and she just touched my face.

We went to the class room to ask the students about what happened, and students didn’t say a word, except for one student, he raised his hand and said: teacher but I remember you said it is going to be a “science class” the teacher looked at him angrily, the poor chilled got afraid, sat down and didn’t continue what he started!!

We went out of the class room; the teacher started crying in front of my dad and told him I made her look like a liar in front of the whole class!

My father came up with a wise solution, he told me in Serbian –so the teacher won’t understand- “Natasha I know you are right, but I am going to say things now just to end the problem, and we will discuss it at home”

In Arabic he told me that I should not talk that way to my teacher, and that it is her class and I should fully respect her as she is always doing what it best for us and bla bla bla

Lessons they wanted me to learn:

•In some communities , authorities –of any kind- are untouchable, even when they do something wrong , you are supposed to agree with them

•In some communities , if the weak disagrees with authority they turn out to be crazy,liars and disrespectful

•Majority are usually cowards that keep their mouths shut! –sorry I couldn’t find a more polite way for this one

Lessons “Actually” learned:

•Choose your battles , don’t try to fix what can’t be fixed, rather work hard on fixing what is possible and important

•When someone lies in the first place, they will definitely lie about lying, so never tell a liar he is lying unless you have proof

•Majorities are usually wrong, don’t believe or trust them!