Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Work hard PLAY hard
I was shocked when I knew that the law/system in Germany was recently updated to make the maximum legal weekly working hours 40 instead of 35, and not everywhere!

o Germany has one of the highest national incomes in the world
o Germany is known for the quality they provide,everything is tested, the juice, the shampoos, even the toilet is designed in a way that makes you “ANALYZE”, ”detect problems” and be able to “fix”!
o In Germany every employee MUST take one month of vacation every year.


The Observer said...

Neyyalhom :P

ABOUD said...

Germans worked hard after the 2nd world war, and now they are taking things easy.

ya3ni lamma yekoon el rajol el monaseb be el makan el monaseb MISH ibn el wazeer beseer wazeer sa3eet-ha walla 20 sa3et dawam bte3mal el Ordon 2a7san min Germany 7atta.

adel said...

just like us!