Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Homosexuality and freedom

I have always been gay friendly, well…I am everything friendly , at the end of the day if it is something personal and it doesn’t affect me , I don’t care ..

I didn’t know much about homos , I didn’t really know if it is a choice or a sickness , but I thought something is wrong with these people and definitely they are not normal , but no one is “normal”!! What is normal anyway??

I started to learn about homosexuality only when a close friend of mine told me he is gay, many theories, many possible reasons , and I am not here to convince anyone that they are not sick or that they didn’t choose to be gay … because it doesn’t matter , does it ?

With time I got to know more homosexual people, and I don’t think it is a coincidence that many of them are interesting , creative and special … I think it is a result of what they had to go through. Each one of them reached a point where he realized he is gay, where he finds out that he is not like his parents, and usually most of what we learn about relationships and life -in general- we learn from watching our parents, we usually think that that is what is “normal”.

When one is faced with THE fact, then his background doesn’t matter, culture doesn’t matter, not even religion will matter, nothing will matter anymore, what he feels is the only fact, he will have to believe himself, his mind and his body not anything he was taught.

If one –at that age – breaks the norm then he is forced to become a free man, he naturally stops to be a blind follower, it opens the door for him to explore all possibilities and all solutions, that way of thinking affects all aspects of his life, he doesn’t not fear thinking differently about anything and he starts living his way.

I think that most people are blind followers unless they are slapped in the face or living in an intercultural environment, people who live in closed communities usually think that there is only one way of living, because if you always see the sky blue, and you have never seen pink sky you’ll believe that the sky is blue, but if you see a pink and green and yellow sky, it will be easy to accept that there is many sky colors.

Personally I believe that freedom is not a natural need or instinct for humans (maybe for some animals!), it is something we learn from our experiences , and gays are an example of people who had to grow into free people.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

La vida es un carnaval

I have too much happiness in my blood today.. I wore the colors I like this morning and the necklaces that I adore and normal people think they do not match.. oh god, I love wearing things that do not match ..

--I know I sound stupid when I am happy

Today I am in a state of mind that makes me feel that everything I do is dancing

A while ago a friend asked about my dream, I thought for few minutes , everything passed through my mind … my family , career , people around me , children, art , painting, travelling, making a change … so many small dreams .. and then I remembered an advice from an old friend … be happy and make the people around you happy that is my dream .. Very simple.. Small but veeery big..

--Yes, I sound so stupid when I am happy, and my thoughts are not organized, I don’t care, I am happy:)

Who are the people who I appreciate the most? the people who taught me how to be happy and yes happiness is something to be learned , a state of mind , a habit .. and a beLIEf

I wish you all a wonderful day :)