Monday, March 06, 2006

In my current company I started seriously to value chairs, don't get me wrong I am still the same old communist, nothing symbolic, literally and physically I need a good chair, coz my back hurts!


ABOUD said...

Well Natasha, first of all "salamtek".
Then if you are a real communist you should get a chair just like the one Ramadan is using :-)
(Ramadan is the tea boy in Natasha's company).

Hope that you will get better soon.

Yaman said...

I hear you girl! We're talking nice cushioned chairs for the butt to be comfy (not in direct contact with the wood that is) and side handles for the arms would be as lovely! Dream on ..

atheist-jazzer said...

First ,congratulation for your blog. I liked the colors it reflects how our world became browny because everyone thinks he is setting on the right chair :)

so get a new chair for your back but watch out for anti-communists because they may take your chair thinking they have the only rights to sit on good chairs :)

Kilani said...

A chair...
Hmmmm. I was thinking more of a towel on a sandy sunny beach... That's it, I'm taking a vacation.