Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Love Jordan-Stolen and sold

I went few days ago, to look for glass to do some hand crafts, and while looking, I was asking about the glass suppliers in the country and where do they get it from.

The very bad news was that it is imported!! Imported in the land of sand!!!!

I remembered that when I was at school they took us to the glass factory in the south, What happened to it ???

Stolen!!! oh I remember , I heard something like that, but being the “stupid optimistic positive” person I am, the beautiful memory of the factory working and producing stuck to my head , and never got updated with the story of it being stolen and closed.

Sad Sad Sad …

Sand is one of the very few resources we have.

The sand of our beloved stolen country can produce the best quality glass in the world.

We stole ourselves, our country and the hungry poor people.

They say foreigners bought the factory --BRAVO

What breaks my heart every day , is that steeling –in any form- nowadays is not a secret , it is not something that people are shy talking about , it is something many people are proud of the “7ideg” way they do it , and they will try to convince you and teach you how to do it in the mean of helping you!!

Yesterday my fiancé read me a poem of Muthafar Al- Nuab, it happened that is related to the subject, here are few lines from it:

لا تلم الكافر في هذا الزمن الكافر"
فالجوع ابو الكفار
انا في صف الجوع الكافر
"ما دام الصف الاخر يسجد من ثقل الاوزار

مظفر النواب-وتريات ليلية

Cheers ;)