Thursday, March 23, 2006

Merge Join
There is that great task in BI studio in SQL 2005, I didn’t need to use it before, but when I needed it, Ijat 3al waja3 !
What it does is simply joining two data sets (I think you can join more than two, but I didn’t try it); you choose which one is the left side data set, you choose the type of join and the join keys, all that is perfect:)
But what really broke my heart is that there’s an additional Bonbon:). Look at the picture, there is a SWAP button:), in case you changed your mind and wanted to make the right side data set left and vise versa , oooooooooooooooohhhh isn’t that sweet!
I wonder what my penguin friends think about it :P


Kilani said...

Now try and do THAT in Linux LOL

ABOUD said...

Intersting :)

Electro said...

Cool, microsoft is the best in making ur life easier.

but still, for me its faster to write the query by my own.

Amjad said...


you're comparing apples with oranges here....

SQL 2005 vs. Linux?????

try penguins vs. shababeeek....

this would be apples to apples

thoughts? :)

Kilani said...

Amjad ya Narrowow Minded,

SQL 2005 v.s Linux..
That wasn't the comparison ya 7abeeby...It was between anything you can do with any software on any Linux distro.. and what Natoush showed us :)

Is that how Linux got you thinking.. so narrow minded and never look at the big picture.. Linux is just there because it's free.. not because it's better.
And btw, no I'm not a Microsoft biast.. I hate those guys too lol.. Linux users just don't realize that they would probably end up Microsoft users if Linux suddenly changed to Poprietary Code and it was free no longer..

Ever thought of that..:
What would u rather get, a paid version of Windows, or a paid version of Linux?