Thursday, March 23, 2006

Merge Join
There is that great task in BI studio in SQL 2005, I didn’t need to use it before, but when I needed it, Ijat 3al waja3 !
What it does is simply joining two data sets (I think you can join more than two, but I didn’t try it); you choose which one is the left side data set, you choose the type of join and the join keys, all that is perfect:)
But what really broke my heart is that there’s an additional Bonbon:). Look at the picture, there is a SWAP button:), in case you changed your mind and wanted to make the right side data set left and vise versa , oooooooooooooooohhhh isn’t that sweet!
I wonder what my penguin friends think about it :P

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chairs (for a change)
I arrived to the presentation late (as usual), the speaker was a Microsoft speaker, so the number of attendees was more than usual (we don’t have time to waste giving a chance to a not well known speaker who spent so much time to learn something new and share his knowledge with us!).
There weren’t enough chairs, so I stood aside as many guys did, in few minutes they brought us three more chairs, someone sat on one of them and they all started looking at me to sit down, since I am the only girl standing, for some stupid reason I didn’t want to sit down (the only plus of being a girl is having the priority to sit down in situations like this, Well, I don’t want it!)
People kept coming to the session (late better than never), it was an important one! Everyone gets in, looks at the empty chairs, and then at the people standing at the back and the sides of the hall, thinks for few seconds and takes the smart decision ; Not to sit down!, that reminded of the story of "the monkeys in the cage"(if you don’t know it , google it ;-))
The last guy came in, naturally thought the same way others did, but he couldn’t find a place to stand, you think that made him change his mind and sit down?? NO…
He is smarter than that; he stood in the middle of the hall:)
Acting like the monkeys in the cage may be natural, but I don’t think it is natural for a guy (tuuul bi 3arrrrd bi certificates bi experience …) to stand in the middle of the hall preventing at least 3 people (ma3 shuayet mubalaghah) from seeing the slides:)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Monday, March 06, 2006

In my current company I started seriously to value chairs, don't get me wrong I am still the same old communist, nothing symbolic, literally and physically I need a good chair, coz my back hurts!