Monday, December 18, 2006

Young Arab Women (not virgins anymore)

Few months ago 3 girls I know got married; all of them are divorced now, which is good! Divorce is much better than a bad marriage.

The three marriages were arranged traditional marriages that happened in no time.

In all three marriages every girl gave up either her studies or her job!

Divorce reasons varied from the couple simply not getting along with each other to mental abuse, sick jealousy and even sexual abuse.

I just don’t get it! How can a girl take the risk of getting married to a stranger? How can she stand the idea of sleeping with a stranger? Why would a girl give up her career or her studies? Why? To become more dependent on someone that cannot be trusted?


Fadi K said...

Hi Natasha , it's great to get to know you more through your blog and writings.

I feel sorry for your friends and I hope this will open everybody's eyes simply on : Easy Comes Easy Goes"

Very nice blog and I hope you will like mine :)

The Observer said...

:( This is sad.

It highlights the transition our society is going through. We are still holding back to old practices of traditional marriages while we reached to a point where it is okay to a certain exctint for a woman to ask for divorce.

Society pressure on women to get married is still strong. We don't give them much room to go out and choose their future parnter.

They end up taking the wrong decision while thinking they are doing the right thing for their society.

Maybe others would learn from such experiences. I hope so...

Kilani said...

it's sad to see such a thing..
I agree with the easy comes easy goes theory it's so true.. however with no risk there's no reward.. I'm not saying that you should just get married to a stranger and hope for the best, that's like a lottery ticket. What I'm saying is that it's impossible to know someone entirely from friendship, meetings, work, or whatever and whether you like it or not even if you've known him/her for years, you're bound to discover many new things if you get married sometime and without that, marriage would be dull, boring and without any sense of adventure and discovery lol..

guess I went a tid bit overboard there :P

ArabLady said...

being a single is still much much better than being divorced...dont ever mention ur concerns about arranged marraige in front of ppl( how can a woman sleep with a STRANG man)..they will consider u crazy trying to change the social norms and the culture!!

Natasha said...

Arab Lady,
I personally think that being single is much better than marrying a stranger, and getting divorce is much better than staying with a bad man …

Thank you for the advice, but I prefer being considered crazy than shutting up my mouth:)

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