Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Homosexuality and freedom

I have always been gay friendly, well…I am everything friendly , at the end of the day if it is something personal and it doesn’t affect me , I don’t care ..

I didn’t know much about homos , I didn’t really know if it is a choice or a sickness , but I thought something is wrong with these people and definitely they are not normal , but no one is “normal”!! What is normal anyway??

I started to learn about homosexuality only when a close friend of mine told me he is gay, many theories, many possible reasons , and I am not here to convince anyone that they are not sick or that they didn’t choose to be gay … because it doesn’t matter , does it ?

With time I got to know more homosexual people, and I don’t think it is a coincidence that many of them are interesting , creative and special … I think it is a result of what they had to go through. Each one of them reached a point where he realized he is gay, where he finds out that he is not like his parents, and usually most of what we learn about relationships and life -in general- we learn from watching our parents, we usually think that that is what is “normal”.

When one is faced with THE fact, then his background doesn’t matter, culture doesn’t matter, not even religion will matter, nothing will matter anymore, what he feels is the only fact, he will have to believe himself, his mind and his body not anything he was taught.

If one –at that age – breaks the norm then he is forced to become a free man, he naturally stops to be a blind follower, it opens the door for him to explore all possibilities and all solutions, that way of thinking affects all aspects of his life, he doesn’t not fear thinking differently about anything and he starts living his way.

I think that most people are blind followers unless they are slapped in the face or living in an intercultural environment, people who live in closed communities usually think that there is only one way of living, because if you always see the sky blue, and you have never seen pink sky you’ll believe that the sky is blue, but if you see a pink and green and yellow sky, it will be easy to accept that there is many sky colors.

Personally I believe that freedom is not a natural need or instinct for humans (maybe for some animals!), it is something we learn from our experiences , and gays are an example of people who had to grow into free people.


Haitham said...

This is a great post indeed! :)
I love it Natasha! (Y)

The Observer said...

You are writing from your heart here :)

As you said, people take everything for granted without questioning anything unless something major shake their entire world where they break the picture of the world that others paint to them and they paint one of their own.

It is the glass that we all fear to break while it is harmless to break it. Homosexuals are just people who are forced to break their glass because they are different. Other people may get exposed to other experiences in life which force them to break their glasses too.

Hareega said...

interesting thought
yep suffering makes perfect

محمد said...

Hi Natasha

I just want to say thank u 4 benign gay friendly, u know there is only few gay friendly bloggers in Jordan, and u can c what type of comments Fadi got on his new post just for being gay friendly!!!, it is really not easy to c ppl with that much tolerance like u Natasha
By the way ur gay friend is a very brave man coz it needs a lot of courage to be out to a straight friend
For me until now I did not been out to any straight friend "except to my psychiatric doctors when I was trying to change my homosexuality"

I totally agree with ur point about growing as free people, and c the sky with different colors, and sure we can't define what is exactly the norm!!

Anonymous said...

الكلام من أجل تصفيق الضعفاء ....

Mahmood said...

Well Natasha, one day you'll have a son or a daughter and I will see if you'll have the same point of view.

They say, I was born in the wrong buddy.
And I say, they were born with the wrong mind.

I would agree, if they say that the problem is they have a she mind or a he mind not the vise versa

The Observer said...

Mahmood, one day you would have a son or daughter as well, and no one can guarantee you that they might not turn up to be homosexual or transexual as well, and there is no way science can change that at this phase of time. How would you react to that?

Mind you, let me define things. Homosexuals are different in their sexual preference which is their attraction to the same sex, while transexuals are different in their sexual identity which is about their perception of their sex being male or female.

It is all in the brain (not mind and body as you put it) whether you consider the brain as a part of the mind or as a part of the body, it is your choice. But brain is a biological organs that dictates our behaviours. If someone's brain is wired different than yours, then why blame him? No one chose his processor, did you?

Anonymous said...

i wish i had friends as u :(

mimi said...

hi dear, nice subject.. and for that anonymous: FUCK OFF!!
btw, u kindda need an update..

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since we read smt from you...We miss this blog, and we miss the please blog to us..soon

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Anonymous said...

One question since u r gayfriendly
r u lesbain?
this will be interesting to know