Sunday, January 20, 2008

Live as if you are drawing

I am taking drawing classes, and I am enjoying it so much..

I always believed, that results are not worth the work and effort if you do not enjoy the work process

If you do not enjoy your job, and you work only for the salary, then you are living in hell

Same goes for studying, cooking, sports, everything …

And I believe that there is always a beautiful enjoyable way for doing everything you need... you just need to find it

Back to my classes, It reminds me of the observer’s post , he talks about growing up after a certain age not growing old,he found that in reading and many might find it many other things, what makes you "grow up" is the way you perceive everything you do ..

What I like about the classes is that you can apply the taught techniques to almost everything in life..

One of the things we are learning, is looking at the subject we are drawing as a whole, and drawing its frame first…then looking at the small parts and details.. And after that allowing the details to correct the big picture

It is a skill that some people naturally have, depending on the dominant brain part (read about left /right brain parts –it is interesting)

Sometimes we catch part of the problem and work on it forgetting about the main objective and the big picture, that happens a lot in software development, people immediately start thinking about part of the technical problem forgetting about the other parts connected to it and forgetting about the business goals ending up with a solution that doesn’t serve the user.

Another amazing thing is that drawing is about presenting multi dimensional objects with two dimensions, (very similar to database design but that is another story), It requires erasing all what you have learned about a shape or an object and looking at things simply , sometimes you draw a very long street using short lines because of the angle …

Usually life is simple, but our experiences make us complicate things, for example, falling in love is beautiful and simple, but sometimes the pervious bad experiences make us fear to proceed, or make us over analyze things or assume that the same bad things will happen again… unfortunately I see that happening to people everyday … if you just look at things as if you are drawing them..You’ll realize that it is not another long street it is only two short lines and you are already far away from where you started


The Observer said...

I want to learn drawing too! I love it, and now reading your post, I love the way it can teach us to percieve life differently.

You are right, it doesnt worth the result if we dont enjoy the way :)

Good post natasha :)

koko lale said...

An interesting post.....just be careful, I have never heard of a one size fit all solution when it comes to life. As they say, this is a skill we learn during our journey...but there is no silver bullet.

Koraani pyhää paskapaperia said...
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tutamon said...
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