Thursday, August 02, 2007

La vida es un carnaval

I have too much happiness in my blood today.. I wore the colors I like this morning and the necklaces that I adore and normal people think they do not match.. oh god, I love wearing things that do not match ..

--I know I sound stupid when I am happy

Today I am in a state of mind that makes me feel that everything I do is dancing

A while ago a friend asked about my dream, I thought for few minutes , everything passed through my mind … my family , career , people around me , children, art , painting, travelling, making a change … so many small dreams .. and then I remembered an advice from an old friend … be happy and make the people around you happy that is my dream .. Very simple.. Small but veeery big..

--Yes, I sound so stupid when I am happy, and my thoughts are not organized, I don’t care, I am happy:)

Who are the people who I appreciate the most? the people who taught me how to be happy and yes happiness is something to be learned , a state of mind , a habit .. and a beLIEf

I wish you all a wonderful day :)


The Observer said...

Have a wonderful day you too wonderful person :)

Bashar said...

Hi, its the first time to write a comment here, I think your post is very nice, being happy is always welcomed, even for no reason or even if there is a reason that you dont know of.....

Keep up the good spirit :)

bander said...

shaklik lbesti el tanoora ele lonnaha a'7dar hehe.. zaman 3n swalifik! lool Ranibows, birds singing.. you used to make my day better and keep our morals high.. I miss being @ Softact!

Natasha said...

fadi, thanks my friend :)

Bashar, welcome :) yeah , you don't really need reasons to be happy :)

Bandar, Inshallah your morals will always be high, I hope you are having a good time in Dubai , u akeed rafe3 rasna zay daiman ;)ya **** khalas ma biddi adghatak ;)

tutamon said...
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