Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Softact's Boot Camping

I was talking to my manager about the project’s progress, plan and usual work stuff, I asked him what he thinks..

He answered: what about boot camping?

Natasha: HaH!

Dawsar (my manager): reserve a room at a dead sea hotel, the Movenpick or the Marriott if you want, go with your colleague (Heba) for a night or two, isolate your selves, relax and brainstorm :)


Dandoosh said...

I Respect these IDEAS... he is really INNOVATOR
THIS man knows what he is DOING ;)

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Kilani said...

So did you GO :D

Abbadi Natasha said...

We are going next week :) and other teams well do it as well.

If results turn out to be good and the company has enough money we might go boot camping in other countries ;)

God bless Softact …

One more great thing, you remember how I always dreamed to have team shirts or team mugs, WE ARE DOING IT :D we already ordered the shirts:) when I get my shirt I’ll go parting in it, I swear :)