Monday, August 16, 2010

I Love Jordan- My Lovely Dangerous Hobby

I have a new dangerous hobby; well it is not dangerous by itself! Especially if I keep my mouth shut! But the problem is that it is so tempting to talk about my findings!! But NO, I have to stay safe :) I have responsibilities :)

So as I am a “super coward”, the only thing I am going to do is tell YOU about my hobby, and you can try it out your self :)

What I do is: I read the news paper, pick some famous names, Google their history, and then find out what companies do they own here

Or sometimes when I learn that some company won a certain project, I go and check out who the owners of the company are! And who are the decision makers in the client company!

Findings are so interesting; there is always a very “funny” direct or indirect connection.

Cheers ;)


Alaa said...

Great hobby Natasha...
It reveals a lot of hidden facts which some people prefer to keep as private ones.. :)

By the way, you can turn this hobby into an official job with a specific commission; such that you can tell any bidder whether they can bid for a project or not ;)

Dareen said...

I had such a habit once, ignited by my curiousity and the little detective in me, but with a way narrower scope than yours..
I also used to use the very same link you shared, but I quitted long ago.
I learned the following facts and lessons:
1. No one would be as much interested/excited/caring as much as you would be
2. It only gets you thinking of things that don't "really" matter to you
3. Things will always go the way they may, and you can't be the change you want to see, at least not in this context
4. Relax :)

Nice post!

Dareen said...

you haven't written anything in a while.. i miss your inspiring writings :)

Natasha said...

That is very lovely Dareen, I will be writing soon:) I miss you