Monday, August 31, 2009

I Love Jordan-Health Care

My love for Jordan is unconditional; it is like the way you love your family, you don’t choose your family but you still love them no matter who they are …

Unfortunately as I get older, I discover things about my beloved country that I don’t like, as a grown up you start worrying about more serious stuff , like your future and the future of your kids, and honesty I am super scared about health care.

There is an obvious problem with Labor Law and the Private Health Insurance System, per labor law the employer is obligated to pay for health insurance, which is a wonderful thing! But the problem is it doesn’t insure that employees will get appropriate health care!!!


Because insurance companies can refuse many medicines, or laboratory test for no good reason, like “this medication is not covered because of taxation issues!!!” Or” this laboratory test is not covered because it is not directly related to your medical case!!”

At the end of the day I don’t have enough medical knowledge to know if I truly need the medicine/test or not and of course I can’t trust my health insurance company because I know they have “business reason” to refuse my medication, on the other hand I can’t trust my doctor!!! coz he has a “business reason“ as well to sell medical products, and get his “reward” from medicine companies

That is not the worst part of the system, the worst part is that it is almost impossible for anyone to stay with the same health insurance company, because when you change your job you automatically have to change your health insurance to your new employer’s one, or your employer can simply at any time -without any notification- change your health insurance company or contract, what does that mean?? It means that you have to admit any disease or health issue you have to your new health insurance provider and it will not be covered (although it was previously covered), the funniest part is that when you retire you automatically lose your health insurance, that already doesn’t cover most of your diseases, and you have to apply for a new one again!

I wonder who created this system? And what is it that they lack to be able to understand that it simply doesn’t serve the purpose of insuring that people get proper health care? Don’t they care about Jordan?? Don’t they care about the people?

It doesn’t need a genius to figure out that there is a problem in the system!!! Ok then obviously someone responsible knows there is a problem and doesn’t care! Is it that he doesn’t care? Or maybe he cares for something else? let’s admit it health insurance within the current system is very profitable; law enforces private companies to pay for health insurance and health insurance companies cuts most of their costs by refusing test, medicines, cases and not covering previous diseases

It makes me also wonder, is it possible for a private health system to provide good health care? And is it possible in any way for a private health care system not be corrupted?? Will doctors in Jordan be happy if people are healthy? the business model targets for health care provides are having more people sick and selling more medicine while the targets of health insurance companies are to get more contracts but less people severed !!!

Enough! I got sick from all this!


Anonymous said...

This worth publishing in JordanTimes.

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Here and so too happens:)

FJ said...

Oops!, I think you meant to say studying, not studding (!):

The mother kept helping her son, studding with him day and night

Natasha said...

Thanks FJ, i fixed it :)